Kamitek Hair Microfibres

34.95 $

Instantly restore hair volume and density!

Designed to camouflage the thinning areas of the scalp, Kamitek envelops each hair to instantly restore hair volume and density. Kamitek is the ideal product for men and women with thinning hair. Hair microfibres provide a quick and completely natural way to visually increase hair density.

Thanks to their electrostatic properties, Kamitek fibres adhere to existing hair until the next time you wash your hair, efficiently filling out thinning areas on the top of your head.

– 100% natural vegetal cotton fibres.
– Undetectable to the naked eye.
– Weather and sweat resistant.

Besoin d'un conseil?

How to use Kamitek microfibres:

1 – Style your hair as usual. When applying product, hair must be perfectly dry. Scalp should not be oily or sweaty.

2- Sprinkle a generous amount of Kamitek on thinning spots until desired result is achieved. Start on the back of the head and proceed to the front. Use your hand to protect forehead and follow hairline. Place hair using fingers or a comb, without getting closer than ½ inch from scalp.

3 – Spray a finishing spray to firmly set microfibres.


Black, Dark brown, Medium brown, Pale brown, Auburn, Dark blond, Medium blonde, Pale blonde, Wheat blond, Dark gray, Medium gray, Pale gray, White

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